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 Neon Sailfin Goby

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PostSubject: Neon Sailfin Goby   Neon Sailfin Goby Icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2007 12:17 pm

Neon Sailfin Goby NeonSailfinGobies

Latin Name Ptereleotris hanae
Common Name Neon Sailfin Goby
Also known as Neon Sailfin Gudgeon, Filament Dartfish

Fast Facts This seldom-available beauty is a great reef aquarium fish, the only problem is finding one! Neon Sailfin Goby should be kept with less aggressive tankmates in an aquarium with numerous places to hide. It is often reluctant to come out of hiding for a week or two, but once it is fully acclimated it will swim about the tank without reservation. These gobies are rarely aggressive towards other fishes, and can be kept in small groups in the aquarium.

Sizes Around 2"-4"

Range in Nature Indo Pacific

Minimum Aquarium Size 55gallon

Diet and Feeding Feeds on zooplankton, provide a varied diet that includes frozen preparations for carnivores

Reef Aquarium Compatibility Excellent
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Neon Sailfin Goby
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